Not Simming Much

So I haven’t been doing much on THIS blog anymore or with The Sims. All the modding action has been busy and successful with Sims 4 since then.

However, I’m still blogging and doing other things on ATF blogs.

I have a blog for the Lolicon Artist Directory (LOAD) and expanded it. It tries to be the best lolicon resource on the internet.

I am actively playing Honey Select and have a help guide blog for it along with my own Unteralterbach Sets and Videos linked there.

I’ve created a ton of Equestria Girls / My Little Pony characters for it.

See what’s possible in Honey Select with my creator’s gallery.

Feel free to check out those blogs and say hi to me on ATF or Lolicit and see my creations on there. Cheers!

[Sims 3] Flatsim’s New Storytime Adventures

So hey all. After all the amazing help in the Sims 3 thread and getting my content, mods, and my first family working and thriving, I decided to put a thread together for my favorite new Sims 3 family, The Crapples. This is less a how-to thread and more going to be a picture upload thread and storyline for me to share. Hopefully others might want to jump in and do the same. Sharing is Caring! Enjoy the thread!

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Sims 4 – The Woohoo Awakens

Here’s the current ATF thread for the most current version, Sims 4. As expected, gameplay and graphics have been improved again and it’s being actively modded now. It’s made a few leaps recently but these things take time. Not sure why many are not sharing their pics in that thread though….

A ton of labor has moved from Sims 3 to Sims 4 for many in the modding community an finally lolification is working!!  Sex acts thru wickedsims at ATF has finally arrived and even stuff like Pets and toddler action is supported. Give it a shot now as it caught up with Sims 3 modding. Continue reading “Sims 4 – The Woohoo Awakens”

Sims 3 – Revenge of the Loli

Sims 3 brought The Sims onto a whole new generation of simmers and onto many current operating systems. While the modding capability was dialed back from open world of Sims 2 the graphics and gameplay was improved overall. It’s still available and cheap thru Steam ($2o normal price) making it the go to version for a lot of players. While the vanilla sims may be a bit pudgy overall you can definitely sculpt your sims to be far from ordinary or plain.

Here’s the main thread for Sims 3 on All the Fallen. Here’s an amazing set by LoliLoverBoy. Also a thread for mesh replacements. And a set to pass on from Lolicit. Probably the best version to get currently but expect a learning curve with any version. Check out these animations!

I’ve got a family and a sexy storyline I made with Sims 3. Check that out!

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Sims 2 – The Original Strikes Back!


The original sequel was very hack-able and easy to modify making it a huge catalyst for making a loli version of the game. It’s the only version I’ve personally modded way back with Windows XP. I did start playing Sims 3 in 2016 after many loli sex mods were then available. The game only got better in general game play and graphics but got harder to hack and make your own content. See my thread on All The Fallen or on Lolicit to get downloads and even my saved game data. It may be old but it’s also classic fun!

Check out TheOtherStuff on ATF as he posted some really cool pic sets and movies for Sims 2. Top notch simming! Continue reading “Sims 2 – The Original Strikes Back!”

Hello world, I’m Flatsims!

Hey all, I’m Flatsims. I’ve been a longtime loli fan. A lot of people may know me from doing both the Lolicon Artist Directory and also a popular loli Sims 2 mod system (accumulating and making hacks, clothes, skins, and tutorials). While I only modded Sims 2 on LAH and played Sim3, I thought a blog directing you to threads for modding each of the games would be a great idea. Enjoy!