[Sims 3] Flatsim’s New Storytime Adventures

So hey all. After all the amazing help in the Sims 3 thread and getting my content, mods, and my first family working and thriving, I decided to put a thread together for my favorite new Sims 3 family, The Crapples. This is less a how-to thread and more going to be a picture upload thread and storyline for me to share. Hopefully others might want to jump in and do the same. Sharing is Caring! Enjoy the thread!

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Sims 3 – Revenge of the Loli

Sims 3 brought The Sims onto a whole new generation of simmers and onto many current operating systems. While the modding capability was dialed back from open world of Sims 2 the graphics and gameplay was improved overall. It’s still available and cheap thru Steam ($2o normal price) making it the go to version for a lot of players. While the vanilla sims may be a bit pudgy overall you can definitely sculpt your sims to be far from ordinary or plain.

Here’s the main thread for Sims 3 on All the Fallen. Here’s an amazing set by LoliLoverBoy. Also a thread for mesh replacements. And a set to pass on from Lolicit. Probably the best version to get currently but expect a learning curve with any version. Check out these animations!

I’ve got a family and a sexy storyline I made with Sims 3. Check that out!

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